Weight loss Foods

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If you want to lose weight then you do not need to work harder but just follow this easy recipe. Increase the amount of water. Take 2-3 liters of water and liquid in the day. Water decreases fat, yet additionally expels harmful components from the body. It reduces hunger and prevents constipation. After 15 minutes of eating, you should drink and drink hot water. weight loss foods


The orange helps in losing weight, because of the abundance of fiber and vitamin C, it promotes metabolism and helps in weight loss. Regular drink of orange juice reduces obesity and you can reduce/decrease your weight without dieting.

Dried fruits:-

Dry food contains more calories than fresh fruits. If you eat dry food in the quantity of a cup  then your body will increase 400 calories. Conversely, if you eat fresh fruits, your body gets fewer calories and it is more beneficial for your health.


These brightly colored vegetables keep digestion rich in potassium, folic acid, antioxidant, and sulfur compounds. As well as , it has vitamin C and maximum calcium in its roots. Continuous consumption of radish is beneficial for your digestion, which does not increase weight. Therefore, you can lose weight without any working hard with radish.

“Weight loss foods”

Green tea:-

Green tea is the source of antioxidants. In the meantime, it consumes fat and furthermore builds the body’s digestion. In the event that you take a few green tea day by day, you can get help from terrible cholesterol. Researchers at the University of Maryland Medical Center, in their research, acknowledged that certain types of polyphenols are found in Green Tea, which helps in burning fat in the body.


Broccoli which is known for its ability to fight cancer. But it also reduces the weight. Fiber, vitamin A, c and calcium are found in broccoli. That does not increase the weight.

Salmon fish:-

Salmon is an effective diet. In spite of it being high in fat, it is useful in weight reduction. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in large amounts, so it is also called heart food. Fat is burnt by eating it.


Eggs contain plenty of protein, and only 70 percent of them are calories. It contains amino acids, which is a vital part of the protein. But the most important amino acid found in the egg is Lucine. This component helps you lose weight.


Antioxidant-rich Vitamin C, cabbage is an immune booster. Include cabbage in your diet and see that your excess weight will gradually end up automatically.

Brown Rice:-

If you want to lose your weight, try to use brown rice. It is a super food that is low in calories, but rich in fiber.
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