Causes of back Pain

Back Pain: Waist Pain is a common problem growing rapidly. According to the research, 60% of people in the World sometimes face the problem of back pain and some people are such that they often suffer from back pain. Waist Pain is not really a disease, it is the mechanical failure of our body. Sometimes waist pain is healed after a few days, but many times it takes a lot of time to recover.

There are many reasons for having a back pan, but the main reason for this being associated with the spine or spinal cord. Along with this, the problem of back pain is also dependent on age. After crossing the age of 35, the risk of getting a headache increases. People often slow down their normal activities when they have back pain, but they do not. The activities continue to work slowly on the back pain, not completely dependent on others. By doing so, you will have flexibility in your waist and there will be chaos to reduce waist pain. Causes of back Pain

Types of Back Pain

Postural Syndrome

Due to the standing or sitting in a wrong way, there is pressure on some of our spinal cells, which starts to develop in our lower back pain. This type of back pain is called Postural Syndrome.

Derangement Syndrome

Due to any type of disorder in the fluid present in our spinal cord, there is more pressure on the tissues, also called slip disc. Due to slip disc, there is pain in the waist. This type of back pain is called Derangement Syndrome.

Dysfunction Syndrome

The problem of dysfunction syndrome is due to muscle tissue, muscles and joints etc

Symptoms of back pain

  • Pain in walking and doing normal work
  • Toes or toes
  • Problems in bowel movements and urination when there is a back waist pain
  • To be numb around the hip or thigh
  • Go to the back of the waist
  • Feeling swelling in the waist
  • Pain in the lower part of the spine
  • To be numb around the buttocks
  • Foot paws or weakness in thumb

Causes of Back Pain

  • A stressful job
  • Long time working in the front of the computer
  • Congenital malformation or infection in the spine or backbone
  • Overweight
  • Slip or fall
  • Any kind of injury
  • Shock
  • Stay in depression
  • over think
  • obesity
  • To smoke
  • Conception
  • Body bones weaken
  • Swoop
  • Long-term driving
  • Misconceive
  • Leaning or reading
  • Irregular lifestyles
  • Lack of physical labor

Diseases Responsible for Back Pain

  • Disk Disc or Dissected Disc
  • Osteoporosis
  • Arthritis
  • Back-bone cancer
  • Herpes or other infection
  • Back-bone infection
  • Sleep disorders

“Causes of back Pain”

Prevention of Back Pain

  1. You have to face the problem of back pain due to wrong standing and sitting. If you have to stand for a long period of time or you have to work for more time, then choose the right position for standing and sitting.
  2. Yog and exercise for back and stomach muscles to avoid waist pain and make your body nimble. This will result in flexibility in these muscles and the bones of the body will also be strengthened.
  3. The people who weigh too much, they often have problems of back pain. This is because, due to overweight, the stomach in the waist muscles is born, which causes problems of waist pain. If your weight is too high, keep your weight in control. It is very important to maintain healthy weight in order to avoid good health and diseases.
  4. Do not take any more weight than your ability to meditate when you come into vigor or on the other person’s sayings. Due to the overloading of the muscles, the pressure is more on the muscles, due to which there is a back pain. In such a situation, do not raise excess weight.

Treatment of Back Pain

1.       Relax and take physiotherapy when there is a back pain.

2.       Adopting a regular lifestyle is a common treatment for waist pain.

3.       To avoid the back pain, walk 25 to 30 minutes daily.

4.       Do not sleep by the side of the stomach. Always sleep straight away.

5.       If the backache is growing, then according to the doctor’s advice eat the painkillers who relax the muscles.

6.       Do not use more soft mattresses to sleep.

7.       Put a simple pillow under the head for gold, do not use high pillows.

8.       Do not work bending down long enough. If you have to do this, then choose a suitable state.

9.       Keep your weight in control, especially in the area around the stomach, do not let the fat increase.

10.   Do regular physical work. By doing physical labor the muscles are flexible and strong.

11.   Due to wearing high-heeled shoes, the risk of waist pains is increasing, thus avoiding it and not wearing high heel shoes.

Home Remedies for Back Pain

Salt :-

Salt can also be used to treat waist pain. Put two to three spoons of salt on the pan and take it. Now, bake this salt in some cotton cloth and make a bowl. Now, bolster your waist. This is the cheapest and easy home remedies for getting rid of back pain.

Massage :-

Make three to four buds of garlic in mustard oil and cook it. Now cool this oil and massage the waist with this oil. This oil is also useful in providing relief from joint pain along with joint pain.

Nutritious Diet:-

How we eat food, its direct effect falls on our health. It is very important to include nutritious things in your diet. Add nutritious vegetables like tomato, cucumber, cucumber, spinach, carrot and beetroot in your diet.


Heat the water in a large pot and put salt in this water. Now dip a cotton towel in this water and squeeze it. Now lie down on the waist and steam the waist well with this towel.

Ice Season:-

Ice is easily present in every house, and with its thickness, you can relax in the back pain. On the part of the waist, there is pain in the ice. This will reduce the inflammation of the indenture and also bring relief in pain. Hot spin after getting ice for a few days will yield good results.

Spices Tea:-

When making tea, add 5 pcs cloves, 5 black pepper grams and a little ginger powder to the tea. This will make the tea hard. Drink this tea twice a day to get relief in the back pain.


On the chest pain, one teaspoon of honey mixed with 2 grams of cinnamon powder. This home remedy in waist pain is very beneficial. Cinnamon powder is easily found in the market.

Garlic :-

Garlic is very useful in treating back pain. Its hot is hot, which is effective in treating back pain. Take garlic in your diet. Garlic powder can also be used while cooking.

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